Sometimes, HuffPo goes a little too far

The other day, there was an article in The Huffington Post called “30 Epic Places You Absolutely Must Visit Before You’re 30“. The article includes destinations like Bhutan, Antarctica, Mumbai, and Nairobi.

I know that I am not necessarily the most average of Americans, but I think that I might be right in questioning how it would be even remotely possible to visit even half of these places by the time that you’re 30 unless you are either born into an über-rich family or you’re a big name star at a young age.

I want to travel and I think that it’s important. Even my two weeks abroad in London (and my weekend trip to Amsterdam) changed my view of the world and my idea about how I fit into it. I think that travelling outside of your city, state and country is essential to getting a better understanding of the world and your place in it, but I think that suggesting that you “absolutely must visit” these places before you turn 30 (and have had the ability to make enough money to pay off your student loans, let alone the expenses of travelling around the world) is a little out of touch.

It’s Friday (the 13th)!

I usually don’t notice this, but today is Friday the 13th. Apparently, the Internet did not forget about this day and there are Friday the 13th related blog posts and news articles from all around the world. I thought that these were particularly interesting:

And this one isn’t related to Friday the 13th, but it’s Friday and I couldn’t resist:

Happy Friday everyone.

Why I’ll (Probably) Never Be Rich

Why I’ll (Probably) Never Be Rich

I’m pretty sure that I’ll never be rich. It’s not because I have a ton of student debt (though I do have quite a bit) or because I’m terrible at saving money (I’m actually somewhat okay at this). No, I think that I’ll never be rich for two big reasons.

The first is that I would much rather give away money than keep piles of it in the bank or buy fancy luxury goods. I like having nice things and having extra money, but I also feel the need to give back what I can and to help people who are in need. I don’t have much money or time, but when I have them, I try to give back as much as I can.

The second reason that I apparently have some natural talents and abilities that aren’t common, but seem common to me, so I don’t take advantage of them. Since I listed this as one of the things that is prevented me from being rich, I obviously am aware of this problem. However, this awareness only seems to manifest itself when I am applying for jobs or having a deep, insightful conversation with a friend. Here are a couple of examples of the apparently not completely normal things that I’ve done that feel pretty normal to me:

  •  I taught myself enough of the syntax and semantics of an obscure Xerox programming language to cut a 40 page program down to about 20, which in turn reduced the amount of time that it takes to update the code from about a week to about 15 minutes.
  • I served as a campaign intern during the last election for about 10 hours on the weekends while I worked full-time and took graduate courses. I got an A in my class and my field organizer told me that I was one of the best and most reliable interns that they had. I also did something similar, but more intense years ago when my mom was first diagnosed with breast cancer.

Often when I think about these things, a very very small part of me recognizes that I could probably harness my abilities and brain power to move way up the class ladder. But before I can figure out the perfect use of my natural talent, I realize that I need to do my homework or shoot/edit photos or clean up my apartment, etc.

Unless I win the lottery (which I never play) or inherit millions from a rich relative (which I’m pretty sure that I don’t have), I think that I’m going to remain solidly in the lower rungs of the American middle class. Don’t get me wrong. I know that having enough income to keep your family fed, keep the lights on and keep a roof over your head are privileges that a shocking number of people don’t have, but sometimes I just feel like I’m on the cusp of being able to achieve so much more than that.