Sometimes, HuffPo goes a little too far

The other day, there was an article in The Huffington Post called “30 Epic Places You Absolutely Must Visit Before You’re 30“. The article includes destinations like Bhutan, Antarctica, Mumbai, and Nairobi.

I know that I am not necessarily the most average of Americans, but I think that I might be right in questioning how it would be even remotely possible to visit even half of these places by the time that you’re 30 unless you are either born into an über-rich family or you’re a big name star at a young age.

I want to travel and I think that it’s important. Even my two weeks abroad in London (and my weekend trip to Amsterdam) changed my view of the world and my idea about how I fit into it. I think that travelling outside of your city, state and country is essential to getting a better understanding of the world and your place in it, but I think that suggesting that you “absolutely must visit” these places before you turn 30 (and have had the ability to make enough money to pay off your student loans, let alone the expenses of travelling around the world) is a little out of touch.

It’s Friday (the 13th)!

I usually don’t notice this, but today is Friday the 13th. Apparently, the Internet did not forget about this day and there are Friday the 13th related blog posts and news articles from all around the world. I thought that these were particularly interesting:

And this one isn’t related to Friday the 13th, but it’s Friday and I couldn’t resist:

Happy Friday everyone.