Crap, the world didn’t end today, so I guess I have to take back all of that stuff that I said and did.

So I’d heard that the world was supposed to end today, and since I knew that I didn’t have much time left, I figured that I would resolve all of my loose ends and let people know what I really thought of them. I figured it would be best to face the end of the world without regret. Since none of us will be here on December 22, brutal honesty isn’t such a big deal, right?

It’s 10 pm CST and I’m still here and the rest of the world seems to be here too. ….

I’m a afraid that NASA might have been right about the Mayan calendar end of the world thing. ….

Ummm. …. This day didn’t turn out how I’d planned at all. …. I’m sorry…. You know who you are. ….






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