Off the GRID at Shameless Grounds

I’m taking a digital photography course right now (my first photography course ever actually), and our assignment was to take 20 photographs. Instead of just shooting anything, I decided that I wanted to take pictures of something interesting. A friend suggested that I check out Off the GRID at Shameless Grounds on Saturday. It looked interesting and since I’ve never tried to shoot a drag show, I thought that it might be fun to give it a shot.

It turns out that this weekend’s Off the GRID was a fundraiser for Dylan, who is one of Shameless’s employees. He was trying to collect money to help fund his top surgery, and a couple of auctions were being held to help him out. One of the highlights of the evening was the live auction for the pane of plastic that Siren is holding in one of the slideshow photos. After the show, that piece of plastic was going to be converted into art and the winner of the auction won the art. Siren wasn’t always very good with remembering how much people were bidding and she wasn’t always so good with math, so that made for a fun auction.

All in all, Off the GRID was a fun event and I might check it out again. If you want to see more photos of some of the performers, check out my album on Facebook. I put some of the best shots of the evening up there.



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