Dr. Sketchy’s St. Louis – BLACK in Action! (NSFW)

Last month, I decided to check out the St. Louis edition of Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School at Van Ella Studios. For those who don’t know about Dr. Sketchy’s,

Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art school is the world’s premier alt.drawing movement. Artists draw glamorous underground performers in an atmosphere of boozy conviviality. Found in 2005 in a dive bar in Brooklyn, Dr. Sketchy’s has now spread to over 100 cities around the world.

– From Dr. Sketchy’s FAQ page

This was started as an event that gives folks a chance to draw, so not every branch lets photogs attend. I completely understand that because I would imagine that having a horde of photographers moving about the room in search of a good shot might be a little distracting to the sketch artists. And some of us tend to put our needs over those of others and will completely block other people’s views without thinking twice about it. Luckily for me, the folks at the St. Louis branch gave me permission to bring my camera.

Tim Lumpkins Creative: Dr. Sketchy's St. Louis - BLACK in Action! (NSFW) &emdash; Po' Chop putting the action in "BLACK in Action!"

Po’ Chop puts the “action” in “BLACK in Action!”

The theme for Februrary’s event was “BLACK in Action!” and it featured all black models. The models included local burlesque performers Frankie DoWop and Vera Valentinaa from The Hoochie Coochie GirlsJeez Loueez “The Powerhouse of Midwest Burlesque”, and Chicago-based performer Po’ Chop . I got there about 30 minutes into it, so I missed out on the first few poses and I don’t think that I got any shots of Vera Valentinaa. The lighting was pretty low and the room was packed with artists, so I didn’t get some of the shots that I would like to have gotten, but I do like what I was able to get. All in all, it was a good experience and I might check it out again.

Since the theme for the session seemed to be based on 1970s black action films, I tried to express that a bit in the photo editing. That was my first attempt at mimicking a style, but I think that some of the shots really worked well.

If you want to the complete collection of my images from the shoot, check out my Dr. Sketchy’s St. Louis – BLACK in Action! (NSFW) image gallery and let me know what you think.



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