I Went To A Show is already taken

Last month, I posted a short entry and a few pictures from a show called Pole Position that I saw at The Crack Fox. I originally called it “I went to a show: Pole Position at The Crack Fox.” Since I have been photographing more live events, I figured that that would be a quick and easy template for naming my posts.

In the months since I’ve been a freelancer/graduate student, I’ve invested more time into looking at analytics for my blog and photo site. I noticed that my site was showing up in search results for “I went to a show” and figured that I should see why. I don’t know how I wasn’t aware of this before, but there’s an award-winning St. Louis based music blog called I Went To A Show.

According to its about page, I Went To A Show is a non-profit effort that is run by four friends who hope to strengthen the local music community from the inside out. The site includes interviews, reviews, show photos and giveaways. While I Went to a Show is a volunteer-based effort and isn’t updated as often as some of the other local music blogs like Playback:stl or the RFT music blog, I think that it is still a good contribution to the local music scene.

As I mention before, after I found out that my post shared its name with an established local blog, I decided to change the name. I doubt that anybody who was looking for the music blog would have ever confused the two websites, but since we’re in the same town and there’s a small chance that there could be overlap between the shows that we write about, I decided to make the change. My posts might show up in search results less often than they would have, but I feel better knowing that I’m not using somebody else’s reputation to boost my own.


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