Beauty in unexpected places

One thing that some people find interesting and/or compelling about some of my photography is that I see beauty in unexpected places. Usually, those places are the ones that most of us see everyday, but rarely examine closely. I think that part of it is that my brain is weird and is always trying to find new ways of understanding the world. I want to build things and tear them apart. Break things and fix them. Learn a new skill, then another, then another and another until I have acquired all of the knowledge and skill that my brain can handle.

This week, I bought a pair of cheapish photography lights so that I can up my image quality a bit and get a better understanding of photographic lighting. I’m not sure why, but I decided to try out my new lights by taking a few pictures of some of the produce that we have here in my apartment. Since I was just playing around with my camera and lights, I didn’t have high expectations. However, it turns out that I actually like most of the photos and might end up extending the idea.

Old ginger is surprisingly interesting and beautiful

I think that the photo of an old, slightly shriveled sprig of ginger might be my favorite of the set. I love the texture of the ginger root, especially since it just started to sprout. There’s something about the dynamic between death and renewal that I find attractive. Feel free to check out the rest of the set from my produce project on my photography site.

One thing that those of you who aren’t photographers or who haven’t tried to take similar photographs might find interesting is that all of the photos in this set were shot on a white surface in front of a white wall, in a dimly lit room. One cool thing about using bright lights to illuminate a subject is that if the subject is far enough away from the background, then it’s pretty easy to make the background appear black. It’s simple facts like this that make photography so intriguing.


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