He’s so much worse than I expected

This was posted earlier today by Missouri’s governor, Eric Greitens:
There was a time when I was a huge fan of Eric Greitens. He had an amazing life story, full of accomplishments, achievements, and passion. I even applied for a position at the veterans organization that he founded (The Mission Continues) because I believed in him and their mission.
When I saw that he was running for governor on the Republican ticket, I had mixed feelings. I was nervous, but I had a not so secret hope that Mr. Greitens would turn out to be a moderate Democrat in Republican clothing. I was completely wrong about him though. He campaigned on a generic conservative platform and won on that platform. His behavior, the extreme stances that he’s taken since he became a “conservative outsider,” and his hypocracy around government interference have made me lose the respect that I once had for him. Using his position as governor of the state to try to limit a city’s ability to govern itself is outrageous.
I knew that Greitens was a Republican, but he’s so much worse than I expected.